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Sword Art Online Episode 8 Subtitle Indonesia

Diposting oleh Genkaku14, Rilis hari Minggu, Agustus 26th, 2012 12:20 pm, Lihat episode lain di series Sword Art Online.

“Tarian Pedang Putih dan Hitam”
(黒と白の剣舞 Kuro to shiro no kenbu)
Kirito get’s a rare and very valuable ingredient, since he can’t cook it he visits Agil and tries to sell it, during their conversation Asuna arrives, atells them that she mastered the cooking skill. After Kirito shows her the rare ingredient they depart to Asuna’s home, after eating and chatting Kirito leaves. The next day Kirito is waiting, and suddenly Asuna appears, followed by her bodyguard, who was watching outside her house. The bodyguard tries to take Asuna back, but when he’s stopped by Kirito, devides co challenge him to a duel, Kirito breaks his sword easily and wins the duel. A few hours later, Kirio and Asuna are fighting in the dungeon in floor 74, the arrive at the boss room and open the door.
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  1. Mutiara Pujariani Sutrisno Wan berkata:

    min reupdate yang 720p hemat, ya :’;)

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